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или внезапный совсем неожиданный ответ вот на этот тред, к моему разговору с Кэтрин Кинн.
Никогда не знаешь, откуда и с какой стороны прибежит к тебе очередная петля кружева, очередной кусочек мозаики...

Олизар, Владислав и Ядвига

сайт Мемориала Яд-Вашем. Список Праведников народов мира. Страна - Польша.
Поиск по генеалогическим сайтам дает больше. Владислав Олизар (1908-1982), и его жена Ядвига Мария, урожденная Янковская (1911-2000). У них четверо детей (кажется, все до сих пор живы) и несметное количество внуков и правнуков.

OLIZAR, Wladyslaw (1908-1982)
OLIZAR, Jadwiga, born JANKOWSKI (1911-2000)

The Jewish couple Lazar, and Irena E. escaped from the Lvov ghetto in 1943 warned by the Gestapo man, Kramer, that the end of the Jews approached. There were only 500 of them left in the ghetto. The couple reached Warsaw and learned that Mother Matylda Getter, superior of the congregation of St. Mary's Family, was helping Jews. Irena E. went to her and told her that she was a Jew and got work through her as a maid at the estate of Szeligi II near Warsaw. Its owner was Kazimiera Jawornicki who died shortly after her arrival. The manager of the estate was her son, Count Wladyslaw Olizar and his wife Jadwiga, née Jankowski. There lived also Jadwiga's sister Alexandra, married to the engineer Stanislaw Zaryn (q.v.). Both couples had children, some of which were in their teens. All of them knew that Irena was Jewish and treated her very well. When they realized that the maid's work was too hard for her, they proposed to Irena that she become the governess of Alexandra's children. Wladyslaw found a place for Irena's husband on a nearby farm. The housekeeper of the owners of the farm, Halina Pesko, took part in helping in the care of the Jewish couple. A delegation of the estate workers asked the count to get rid of Irena, feeling that their safety was compromised by the presence of a Jewish person. The count refused, telling them "I alone will be responsible for what will happen". They accepted his words, and kept quiet. Irena stayed with them till January 20, 1944, when both families were forced to leave the estate due to the agricultural reform imposed by the new Communist regime in Poland. Irena E. and her husband maintained heartfelt contacts with the Olizars couple via letters and thoughtful, meaningful gifts. Yad Vashem recognized the Olizars and the Zaryns as "Righteous among the Nations" on January 29, 1998. However, only Jadwiga Olizar, ill and in her 80's- could come to the ceremony in Warsaw honoring the four of them on Jan 14, 1999. Case No. 7521, started in 1995.
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